By: Savannah Smith | 12-21-2017 | News
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LA Zoo Euthanizes Ibex Goats Due to Herpes Virus

The Los Angeles Zoo had to resort to euthanizing its entire herd of threatened Nubian ibex goats to save other animals in the zoo because the goats had an infectious and incurable strain of herpes.

There were seven in all Middle Eastern mountain goats that were put down last month after the population contacted malignant catarrhal fever or MCF. MCF is a strong virus that can spread quickly in ruminant mammals such as cattle, goats, and deer.

The threat of virus was huge on hoofed animals such as goats and deer and could have been lethal. Officials at the zoo decided then that the risk of the virus spreading to other animals was just too great that they were forced to euthanize the ibex to ensure the virus wouldn’t spread to other animals.

Ibex are primarily found in high-elevation mountainous regions of Middle Eastern countries such as Algeria, Egypt, Oman, Lebanon, and Sudan.

The virus can’t be passed on to humans.

Now, zoo officials told local media that the disease is no longer on zoo grounds. Its other animals are now safe.

Nubian ibex is considered threatened and vulnerable by The International Union for Conservation of Nature. Poaching and habitat loss have whittled its population down to less than 2,500 in the world.


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Anonymous No. 14449 2017-12-21 : 16:36

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