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Early Voting At Polling Locations Start In Minnesota Ahead Of November's General Election

>Signage at an early voting center on September 23, 2016 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Minnesota residents can vote in the general election every day until Election Day on November 8.

It’s common knowledge that plain opinion regarding the forth coming or any other election is as effective as whining about one’s financial situation without acting upon it. Its intriguing to realize that bare talk will hardly affect the outcome of the coming Presidential results.

Failure to turnout during the coming polls renders people’s opinions and views useless; this is very critical to the outcomes of the elections.

This knowledge leads any serious American citizen to mule over the likelihood of the voter’s turnout on November 8th. Well, if you happen to be one of the concerned citizens, it’s worth noting that there is an all-inclusive study of the upcoming elections conducted by the Pew Research Center that has been released.

The study reveals that majority of the respondents representing 80 percent revealed their concerns and how they had thought deeply concerning the elections, this is unlike any other time in the last fifty years.

As the presidential candidate’s news is at an all-time high, 85 percent of the respondents report that they are paying close attention to the news.

Among the respondents, 74 percent acknowledge that there is a direct relationship between the winner of the upcoming elections and the progress that United States of America will make. This number has increased rapidly from the previous 50 percent in the year 2000. As history reveals, in the Iraq war during President George Bush, people got to understand the importance of having the right President; this number rose to 67 percent.

Some people are less concerned about politics but per the study, 60 percent of the participants acknowledged that lately their interest in politics has increased as compared to four years ago.

A closer look at the above findings as revealed by Pew Research Center leads to one viable argument that any critical thinker will buy; the increased interest in the upcoming elections will lead to a high turnout.

However, it’s worth noting that many voters have expressed their confidence in the campaigns that have been conducted and they also dislike the candidates as well. This could adversely affect the upcoming elections by turning off majority of the voters.

The study also reveals that 41 percent of the participants are against both candidates saying that none of them would make a suitable president. Things get tougher in the Republicans side as 46 percent while the Democrats are 33 percent. This reveals that republicans are not comfortable with Trump being the president.

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