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Russian Military Introduces The Info Warfare Troops

A statement made by Russia’s defense minister revealed that the country has built up its muscle by forming a new branch of the military, the new branch is known as the information warfare troops. The new branch has been introduced alongside a steady flow of new planes, missiles and trucks.

Sergei Shoigu’s statement acknowledged for the first time that this forces existed. The defense minister was speaking to parliament when he revealed that the military had received a sweeping array of new weapons last year which included 41 ballistic missiles to boost the forces. He also pointed out that there was a wide-ranging military modernization effort which was set to continue this year, adding that it is expected to see the air force receive 170 new aircraft while the army will receive 905 tanks and other armored vehicles, and the navy will receive 17 new ships.

Shoigu also pointed out that the three regiments of Russia’s strategic nuclear forces will also receive new intercontinental ballistic missiles. He also pointed out that the rising new weapons has raised demands for new personnel, adding that the military currently needs 1,300 more pilots and its expected to recruit them by 2018 to meet the demands.

As he declared the formation of the dedicated information warfare troops, Shoigu pointed out that propaganda needs to be smart, clever and efficient. As a result, he did not declare the troops mission.

The retired Gen. Vladimir Shamanov who is the head of defense affairs committee pointed out that the information warfare troops task is to protect the national defense interests and engage in information warfare. He also pointed out that part of the mission was to fend off enemy cyberattacks.

The head of the upper house’s defense and security committee also pointed out that the information troops will protect Russia’s data systems from enemy attacks, adding that they’ll not wage any hacking attacks abroad.

The Retired Col. Gen. Leonid Ivashov who is the former head of the Defense Ministry’s International cooperation department pointed out that Russia should rely on Information warfare troops to fight back against the Western propaganda, adding that Russia must stop offering excuses and force the West into the defensive by conducting operations to expose its lies.

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Sally Snyder No. 1446 2017-02-23 : 13:05

Here is a sobering look at the damage that can be done by the U.S. and Russian inventory of nuclear weapons:

Our only hope is that saner heads will prevail.

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