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Libya Resented the Czech Desire to Send Troops to the South

There was an atmosphere of anger and condemnation of the Libyan media after the announcement of the Czech government, its intention to send military forces to the south of the country, to curb illegal immigration.

The foreign ministries in Tripoli and the White House denounced the statements attributed to Czech Prime Minister Andrzej Papis, in which he expressed his desire to «send his country a military unit to protect the Libyan border», while the member of the House of Representatives for the city of «Ubari» Ibrahim Carnavoda, Does not stop interfering in the affairs of Libya, and bear responsibility for the flow of illegal immigrants across its borders ».

"The Czech Republic must realize that Libya is a sovereign state, regardless of the political division and the security chaos that the country is experiencing," he told Asharq Al-Awsat. "The European countries have a developmental role in Libya. On solutions to prevent the flow of migrants to our country … "We are a victim of migrants who infiltrate across our borders, and we are not making the problem."

The Foreign Ministry of the interim government, from the city of Al-Bayda, in the east of the country, said in a statement yesterday evening that it continued "with deep concern the statements attributed to the Czech prime minister, which he believed he could violate Libyan sovereignty by sending elements of his army to South Libya, "describing Babis' remarks as" the fugitives that provoke the feelings of the Libyans. "

"Our country is free and sovereign and has the necessary elements to enable it to extend its control over its entire territory, protect its people and its capabilities, and secure the borders of the country through the army and security forces," she said, pointing out that the problem of the flow of migrants from the Sahara region and the Middle East to Europe through Libya The first problem of our country, as well as the war waged by Libya against terrorism and extremism

She went on to say that "Oham Babis, whose aim is to solve the problem of his country, which is waiting for sanctions from the European Union because of its refusal to accept the refugees, will not be at the expense of Libya by settling the migrants with them." He warned of "the danger of taking such a step in this critical circumstance Which passes through the country ». The Foreign Ministry advised the Czech prime minister to work with his government's mandate to fund development projects in the countries of emigration with the rest of the EU to prevent the influx of migrants looking for work and a decent life.

In the same context, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs denounced the government of national reconciliation in Tripoli (west of the country) the statements of the Czech prime minister, saying that it rejects "the method of exporting the internal problems of these countries in the face of the phenomenon of migration and abandon their responsibilities in finding a radical solution to this phenomenon to put it on Libya Just". "The fundamental solution is not only a security solution but also the development of the countries that export the migrants, as well as the fight against organized crime gangs that take human trafficking and migration as a source of funding," the ministry said in a statement.

She pointed out that "if there is cooperation in the fight against illegal immigration with the international community and friendly countries, it should be limited only to logistical assistance and intelligence in accordance with the bilateral agreements signed with those States and organizations, and not inconsistent with international covenants and treaties.

"Prague will send money to Libya, but it prefers to send a military unit to Libya, where the Czech soldiers will gain experience from their defense of the Libyan border," he said. The British magazine "Jeans" reported that the Czech Prime Minister Andrés Papis announced his intention to send some elements of the army of his country to Libya. The defense patrol said Friday that Babis' comments came as part of efforts by the Czech Republic to stem the flow of migrants from the African Sahara region and the Middle East through Libya to southern European countries.

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