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Georgia Long-Lost Brothers Discover They Attend Same College, Have Same Major

It is going to be a happy Christmas for two brothers who rediscovered each other after being separated by unfortunate circumstances nearly 20 years ago. Fate has brought them back together even before they realized it.

Two college students in Georgia made the wonderful discovery that the long-lost brother they were both looking for years is just around the corner all this time- attending the same school and enrolled in the same major.

Kieron Graham was given up for adoption when he was just three months old because his mother, Shawn Ghant, felt she could not provide for him. Growing up with his new family, Graham noticed he was different and started asking questions from his adoptive mother. His adoptive mother, Tim Graham, told him the truth and even helped him in his quest to find his biological mother and brother with a DNA test kit to register on

Graham said he was always bothered with such questions as: “What does my mom look like? Why don’t we have any pictures?”

It didn’t take long for the site to get back at him. Turned out his number one match was a guy named Vincent. What was more amazing for Graham is that the guy named Vincent happened to be just 15 minutes away from him.

The most pleasant surprise and coincidence, however, is the two guys happened to be attending the same university and enrolled in the same major. It means for the past three years, their paths have been crossing- walking the same sidewalks, taking the same routes inside the university, walking the same hallways, and not knowing they were that close to finding the brother they got separated with.

There were the jitters during the first meeting, each brother at a loss as to what to say to the other. They could not believe that the reunion was finally for real.

Vincent has some memories of taking care of his younger brother- feeding him his bottles and even changing his diapers. Vincent shared: “All that ran through my head. All of that ran through my head immediately because that was my last memory of him.”

Vincent is just thankful that they have all the opportunities now to make new memories.

Their mother couldn’t be any happier because she said that even though she gave up her younger son, she never stopped thinking of him every day since that fateful day she had him adopted.

While still in shock over what seems to be a destined reunion, the brothers are building a close bond and even planning to make holiday traditions together. Graham has invited her brother and biological mother to his family’s home.

Indeed, a merry Christmas story for the brothers and their loved ones, proving that fate and faith do work in mysterious ways at times.


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wow the other one is really toasted..

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