By: Steve Dellar | 12-19-2017 | News
Photo credit: Teller County Sheriff's office

Couple Tries To Swap SUV For 4 Pounds Of Weed

Craigslist. The creator of the infamous site is probably still hitting himself over the head for not taking out copyright protection because if he would have just received a penny for every time this site gets mentioned in a newspaper article referring to an act of utter stupidity, he would be rich by now.

The latest one takes the prize though. Sheriff Jason Mikesell of Teller County, Colorado, probably didn’t have too much experience putting things up for sale on the website because he was surprised at one of the offers he received.

Mr. Mikesell was offering his trusted SUV up for sale as he was in the market to buy a new one. Mr. Shawn Langley sent him a text, unknowing that he was speaking to a police officer, and offered to take over the SUV for 4 pounds of homegrown black market weed.

The sheriff stated: “You want to know the truth? I saw that text, and I started giggling.”

“I was really surprised and I thought at first, ‘Maybe this is a joke.'”

He didn’t reply immediately, have gotten the text in the evening, but rather showed it to his colleagues at the station in the morning so they could all have a laugh.

They all set up a meeting in nearby Woodland Park to trade the SUV for the pot.

However, instead of driving off in their new SUV, Mr. Langley and his partner, Ms. Jane Cravens, were quickly arrested by undercover detectives.

The four pounds of illegal marijuana they would use as payment was indeed found in the duo’s car.

Or as pot smokers would say: bummer, dude.


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