By: Earnest Jones | 02-23-2017 | News
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Le Pen Appeals To Women Voters In France

Women in France have started picturing their next president as a divorced mother of three children. This results from the fact that the anti-immigrant, anti-euro candidate Marine Le Pen has been playing up her gender as she seeks to dominate the likely first-round victory into an overall majority in the run-off on the 7th of May.

Marine Le Pen who is 48-years-old has already rallied some 2 million additional female voters to her cause since the last run for president back in 2012 and she predicts more victories.

In a statement made by Nonna Mayer, who is a researcher at the Sciences Po institute in Paris, it’s apparent that women are key, Mayer has studied the National Front for 25 years. She states that these women often abstain and now they are backing Le Pen to protect their security and jobs.

Despite the fact that women constitute just over half of the electorate in France, they are far less likely to turn out than the men, they offer a well of untapped support for the candidate who manages to appeal to the issues affecting them. Marine Le Pen’s pitch address issues concerning immigration, security, and the economic decline that has affected many white French communities into a potent populist brew that has major similarities with U.S. President Donald Trump since majority of the problems have been brought about by the elite.

Back in 2012, Le Pen lagged behind with female voters since she only garnered 17 percent compared to the 20 percent that she garnered from the men voters. Fortunately, she’s managed to close the gender gap and now she’s attracting 26 percent of both genders as reported by pollster Ifop, this has made her the favored candidate amongst the women for the first-round up. A statement made by Cindy Blain pointed out that Le Pen is proposing is totally different and if Trump succeeded, then voters might give her the opportunity.

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