By: Kyle James | 12-20-2017 | News
Photo credit: KOTA TV

Jimmy Carter Statue Vandalized With Blackface

Vandals used black spray paint to deface a statue of Jimmy Carter in downtown Rapid City, South Dakota. The statue lies at the corner of St. Joseph Street and Sixth Avenue where the graffiti was spotted Tuesday morning.

Dallerie Davis, co-founder of the City of Presidents Foundation, doesn't think it was a hate crime despite the graffiti's obvious racial undertones. The statue was easily cleaned up, partly due to the construction of the statue which is made of very durable bronze.

Davis described the cleanup process, "Actually, it's really quick and easy. Once we know and the public is very good at letting us know right away when something is wrong."

"We contact a gentleman, Grant Standard, who has worked with the foundry and is very used to working with bronze. And, so within the very few minutes he can have the paint removed," Davis explained.

The statue is now repaired but there is no word about whether the culprit has been identified.

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Anonymous No. 14389 2017-12-20 : 16:53

WHY Jimmy Carter? He is probably one of the LEAST controversial, nicest, most helpful ex-Presidents ever! Building low-income housing, trying to keep the Norks from going apeshit back in the 1990's.. and they pick HIM to vandalize?

..probably a knee growth…

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