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Trump Stands Against Media Abuse As Their Reach Diminishes

President Donald Trump is not picking a fight with biased mainstream media without reason. It is not because he is merely pissed off with them with their spate of criticisms hurled against him, or feeling whimsical overtone and style of reportage. The President is making a stand against the excesses and abuses of the once all-powerful media because as the best said it, the media's agenda is not the people's agenda. It is not within the realm of media's responsibilities nor rights to impose their political ideologies or world views on the news consumers, the independent American public.

Suzanne Venker, contributor to the Washington Examiner's Beltway Confidential Blog and Fox News, author and trustee of Leading Women for Shared Parenting, could not agree with Trump more. In fact, she has been declaring the same for years, especially as regards with women's issues. Most women in mainstream media are either spoken or obvious in their bias for certain political views, mostly leaning towards the left, and act as if it is their moral, natural role to speak for all American women. Nothing can be more arrogant or downright false than such self-important belief. Truth is, most women in mainstream media are so out of touch with the lives and realities of the majority of American women. Venker says the lives women in the media lead are in such stark

contrast to the average women, and their politics, so unfamiliar with the common plain Janes of America.

As further proof of media's bias, Venker cites relevant data from the 2008 U.S. presidential election were 1,160 employees at the three major television networks ( ABC, NBC,and CBS) contributed more than $1 million to Democratic candidates. On the other end, only 193 employees gave a total of $142, 863 to Republican candidates. Venker has yet to update her significant statistics with fresh data from last year's presidential election as they may not be available yet. Given the mainstream media's shameless support for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump during the campaign until after the election result came in, however, it would not be surprising if the figures on media employees' campaign contributions went overwhelmingly for Hillary.

In fact, so discredited the mainstream media were for their glaring bias for Hillary and Democrats that the most recent 2016 Gallup polls released in September last year showed that the public's trust in media reached an all-time low.

Only 32% say they have a great deal or fair amount of trust in the mass media to report the news fully, accurately, and fairly, down by 8% compared in 2015. Republican citizens contributed hugely to the plunge in the trust and credibility rating trust of the media as only 14% of Republicans believe in media's accurate and fair reporting, down by 50% from 32% ratings in 2015.

Venker argues that the female media would like the public,especially fellow women, to place their views on such matters as men, sex, work, marriage, motherhood, and politics from a left-wing perspective or lens. Venker elaborates that female mainstream media practitioners simply assume that the way they think is the way any normal American woman would think.

Worse, the female media elite also think they know what's best for women, asserts Venker. She cites the book "Spin Sisters" which refers to a Girls' Club of editors, producers, and print and television journalists with similar attitudes and opinions who influence the way millions of American women who think and feel about their lives, their world and themselves. And according to the idea, the Spin Sisters want to sell, women in America should view themselves as victims, always getting the raw end of the deal in society and in the country, and should therefore feel sorry for themselves. The view is just crazy, reason why it fails to resonate with majority of American women,possibly that also contributed why Democrat woman candidate.Hillary did not get as much solid support from women voters

as she expected.

President Trump is not merely picking a fight with media for the sake of just quarreling with them, he is in fact urging them to wake up to reality. Because at the end of the day,if they cling to their arrogant ways and fail to see and appreciate the truth, they will closely witness the imminent death of their influence.

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