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Newborn Baby Still With Umbilical Cord Thrown Out of 13th Floor Window

A newborn baby, still with its umbilical cord attached to the body, was horrifically found dead on the street after being thrown out of a 21-story building in China.

The authorities were alerted after witnesses heard a loud “thump” after the poor baby hit the ground after it was mercilessly thrown from the 21-story building in Xi’an City, capital of north-western China’s Shaanxi Province. Neighbors also said that the baby was unclothed when it was found in the ground.

Tha authorities have since detained the mother suspected of throwing her newborn child.

The baby was declared dead on the scene even before the paramedics arrived. Authorities covered the infant-victim with blankets.

Neighbors who witnessed the horrific crime said that the newborn was thrown from the 13th floor of the building.

Police later identified the mother as a 35-year-old resident of the same building the baby was thrown from. The authorities decided to withhold the suspect’s name for the meantime. They shared, however, that the mother was unmarried and unemployed. They also believe the woman has not informed her own parents about her pregnancy.

Authorities suspect that the woman gave birth to her child in the apartment in the morning, then left home without informing anyone about her condition and her baby.

It is not known yet whether the woman was alone at home when she gave birth. The authorities are also trying to determine whether the baby was already dead before it was thrown out of the window, or if the fall killed it.

It is not clear whether it was the woman’s first child or if she has already had children before.

The baby was a girl. It is not known if the mother has had mental issues prior to the incident, or has had any criminal record. It is also not clear yet if she had shared details of her pregnancy including possible worries about raising and providing for the baby with anyone.

The father of the baby is still unknown.

An almost similar incident happened only last month, also in China, when a 19-year-old student from Xi’an Engineering Technology College was detained after being suspected of also throwing her newborn baby from her dormitory window after secretly giving birth to the child. The young woman kept her pregnancy a secret from her parents and teachers.

It is not yet clear if the government will take steps to prevent similar horrifying incidents from happening and if there will be more support for women, young and older alike, dealing with unwanted pregnancies.


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