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Black Prisoner at Texas Prison Rapes White Teacher; Prison Blames Understaffing

A Black prisoner at the Madison County Prison’s Ferguson Unit in Texas who was already behind bars has now committed a brutal rape of a White teacher, according to investigators.

The Office of the Inspector General, who oversees the Texas Correctional System, has stated that they have now issued a new arrest warrant against the inmate, Xavier Johnson; who was already incarcerated on a Burglary charge and is a multiple-time convicted felon.

The teacher, an employee of the Windham School District, Nicole Truelove, was teaching as per a contract with her school district at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) when she says she witnessed Johnson openly masturbating in her classroom.

She wrote up the inmate which should have prompted a punishment against the criminal, but according to Truelove’s attorney the 2,400 prisoner unit has zero working cameras and a 25 percent vacancy rate for corrections officers, a statistic backed by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, and as the class let out, the convicted savage hid behind the doors and waited for the other inmates to leave.

Once the classroom was emptied, Johnson then slammed the door shut, grabbed Truelove by the hair, before beating and raping her, and threatened her children's lives if she went public afterward.

At the time of the rape, there were no officers within the vicinity of the classroom and nobody came to her aid, as reported by<a href=""> Chron</a>.

Prior to the rape of the teacher, the vicious criminal had been published with a stricter classification level as a result of two previous sexual misconduct infractions while he was incarcerated, but the Prison failed to secure the threat.

Truelove says that she reported the rape to Corrections Staff immediately after it occurred, and nothing came of the incident as it was apparently swept under the rug to try and hide the crime.

That's when she contacted an attorney and held a press conference demanding that Texas Governor Greg Abbott take action.

"Mr. Abbott, when will these charges be filed?" she asked publicly in tears, surrounded by her lawyers at a press conference outside the federal courthouse in Houston.

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A TDCJ spokesperson declined to comment in any specifics surrounding the case, only confirming that the unit was indeed understaffed and only three corrections officers were assigned to the education building on the day of the attack.

"Offender sexual misbehavior such as masturbation is not tolerated," spokesman Jason Clark said last week. "If the staff is made aware inappropriate activity in a classroom or anywhere else, the department will take immediate action."

The Windham School District offered "thoughts and prayers" for Truelove, who is on leave.

What should be greatly concerning is that essentially the inmates are running the prison if there isn't enough staffing to monitor the violent criminals of whom are sentenced to prison?

It brings about serious questions in the case, such as, “Does Texas even have the money to keep these inmates incarcerated?” “Is Texas unable to provide a safe and secure environment for their Correctional employees?” “Would executing these repeat-offender criminals be cheaper than keeping them behind bars?”

All of which are important and need to be asked.

As for Nicole Truelove, her life is now shattered and ruined, forever traumatized after being raped by a subhuman criminal savage.

Lindsay, who is co-counsel on the case along with Randall Kallinen, said his client is pleased about the arrest but still plans to pursue a lawsuit.

"We're happy to see that they have really begun to move quickly," he said. "This is certainly a good development."

But Kallinen said there's still more to be done.

"Charging someone with a crime after it has occurred is like closing the barn door after the horse has gotten out," he said. "There is no indication that the understaffing has been corrected, nor have any cameras been installed."

A terrifying incident, that proves once again that even behind bars these animals cannot be rehabilitated and continue to pose a threat to society.

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Anonymous No. 14268 2017-12-19 : 11:29

What ?? Having worked a Young-Adult prison early in my career we usually had 2 guards to 60 inmates. Control is always the issue. When you try to make a prison into a vacation resort open areas, pool table, basket ball, cable TV, 3 meats snacks, sex changes, and Movie Nights with popcorn… instead of a place of punishment. In our society prisoners are not controlled they are being babysitted …What happened to being punished.

Hell it is no wonder why they seem to love being repeat offenders. Many have it better inside than on the outside.

Anonymous No. 14272 2017-12-19 : 11:50


Anonymous No. 14274 2017-12-19 : 11:56

Whenever I’d write up colored inmates, I’d get hassled for not givin’ the brotha a break. I wrote up more after that and basicly made life miserable for colored administrators and staff.

Anonymous No. 14308 2017-12-19 : 19:33

Niggers always mean trou le

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