By: Steve Dellar | 12-18-2017 | News
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Weinstein Tried to Get $25Million “Hush Money” From Netflix

Weeks before the scandals surfaced in September of this year, Harvey Weinstein tried to get $25 million in cash from Netflix to have money at hand to save himself from the story by buying off his accusers in a last minute ditch effort.

Of course Mr Weinstein didn’t go to Netflix and told them that he needed some ‘hush money,’ he simply informed them that he wanted to part with some movies from his Weinstein catalog and though Netflix would be a good place to put them online. A source told the press: “He put it into a business context, saying he was looking to sell the rights to parts of his catalog. But they were wise to decline.”

“It wasn’t just Netflix that Harvey went to for money, it was a number of different companies.”

Gladly for Netflix, they refused the deal, even though they were already streaming one of their most expensive shows through a Weinstein deal: ‘Marco Polo.’

The ‘hush money’ accusation is now in the spotlight as the Manhattan District Attorney, Mr Cyrus Vance Jr., is looking into whether Mr Weinstein misappropriated funds from The Weinstein Company, from which he was fired in October, or his former company, Miramax, to buy any of his accusers’ silence.

It has been reported in the past that Mr Weinstein made settlements with around a dozen accusers over the past two decades.

The defense lawyer for Mr Weinstein, Mr Ben Brafman stated: “Any financial settlements by Mr. Weinstein were fully vetted and approved by legal counsel for Mr. Weinstein and The Weinstein Company. There was never any intent by Mr Weinstein to violate the law and as a result, we do not believe that any criminal charges will be filed once all of the facts are carefully reviewed.”


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