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ACLU Files Lawsuit Against ICE over Deportation of Illegal Alien ‘Because He Looked Latino’ in LA

The American Civil Liberties Union is only a “union” that protects “civil liberties in name’ alone, being that it's actually a Democratic Party legal team that imposes it's depraved ideology onto the judicial system and legislative in efforts to vilify the Constitution in most cases; as proven now that the ACLU is suing Immigration and Customs Enforcement over deporting a Federal Criminal Illegal Alien.

According to the ACLU, the incident in question occurred back in September, and revolves around an “ICE Raid” which happened in South Los Angeles.

Special Agents from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency carried out a raid to round up Federal Criminal Illegal Aliens (100% legal under Federal Law, which designates anyone who crossed the border illegally as a Federal Criminal the moment they step one centimeter into America illegally).

Of course, as soon as anyone crosses into America illegally they're considered as Federal Fugitives, but that hasn't stopped by CBS local media in Los Angeles and the ACLU from virtue signaling in a false sense anger over the fact that Special Agents went inside of a auto repair shop, View Park Automotive, with their guns drawn to locate and apprehend the Federal Fugitive in question, Juan Hernandez.

First and foremost, these are Federal Agents, who work for Immigration and Customs Enforcement; and they are not going to perform a raid unarmed and risk their lives to arrest a Federal Fugitive who is to be considered a foreign invader, on American soil.

That's idiotic to assume they're just going to knock on the door politely and ask if the Federal Fugitive is home. Sorry California liberals, that's not how any of this works.

Second, the automotive shop in question would never have subjected their employees or customers to witnessing Federal Agents raiding their business had they not hired an Federal Criminal Illegal Alien, a Federal Crime in itself.

Here's the video of the entire incident, caught in surveillance footage and is now being used as propaganda:

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The<a href=""> CBS Los Angeles story </a>writes the following, somehow trying to vilify Federal Agents for enforcing Federal Laws:

<blockquote>“Security video from inside and outside the shop shows, as the ACLU motion claims, officers with vests labeled “police” ordering Hernandez, three other mechanics, a customer and a vendor who had just dropped off parts “to freeze and put their hands up.”</blockquote>

The<a href=""> ACLU of Southern California </a>released their own statement, similarly depicted ICE as it they had done something wrong, and in no way mentions the business or the Federal Criminal Illegal Alien as being exactly what the label describes them of:

<blockquote>“Without informing any of the men who they were or why they were arresting them, the agents proceeded to handcuff all of the employees. The only thing the officers knew about Mr. Hernandez when they decided to detain him was his place of business and his Latino appearance.”</blockquote>

The ACLU goes on to make the claim that Juan Hernandez, the Federal Criminal Illegal Alien who lived and worked inside of Los Angeles, while being a Federal Fugitive, with his family, had worked at the shop for seven years as a mechanic and was one of those “detained without probable cause or even reasonable suspicion” because he appeared to be of Latino origin.

Well, the probably cause is an oxymoron when you're a Federal Fugitive, and what more reasonable suspicion do you need to apprehend someone who's already violated Federal Laws? Laughable.

The motion filed by the ACLU in Federal Immigration Courts is seeking to terminate the deportation proceedings against Hernandez, stating: "The only thing the officers knew about Mr. Hernandez when they decided to detain him was his place of business and his Latino appearance."

Next, there's absolutely no way that ICE just randomly raided a business because they had a Latino appearing man working in the business.

Hernandez was here illegally for seven years, not paying taxes, and the entire time was breaking Federal Laws.

"Although you wouldn't know it from the video, the law is clear: ICE is bound to respect its own regulations and the Constitution in the course of its operations," said Eva Bitran, a staff attorney at the ACLU of Southern California. "ICE's arrest-first-ask-questions-later approach to enforcement is not only unlawful, it has real, painful consequences for communities and families like Mr. Hernandez’s."

This has to be a joke, right? Federal Criminal Illegal Aliens aren't represented by the Constitution, but that's what this is essentially about.

The ACLU and the Globalists who finance them have consistently attempted to get Federal Judges to suggest that illegal aliens have “rights”, which is a phase of their eventual amnesty plans.

Let's be realistic.

In this case you can hear the ACLU crying about the entire incident and my factors surrounding it.

They whine about the fact that Federal Agents didn't show a warrant, they screech about the fact that their vests said “POLICE” and not “ICE”, they cry over the fact that Hernandez “looked Latino” (seriously this is moronic), and they're just trying to get one sympathetic marxist Judge to stick one of their tears to the case.

Hernandez has since been released on a mysterious bond paid by a donor, and the deportation process has been halted, at least temporarily, while this case is dragged out for what could be years.

Why it's so important, is that the implications of this case will be used to affect future rulings.

Despite any of their Leftist anguish, Hernandez is a Federal Criminal Illegal Alien, and he has to go back.

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Anonymous No. 14276 2017-12-19 : 11:58

Illegal aliens being given US Rights…

Sorry, that is like reading a bomb totting terrorist being read his rights and asking him to please take his thumb off the button.

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