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Trump to Strip Funding for Illegal Aliens to Help Victims of Migrant Crimes

As part of his efforts to solve the current immigration crisis in the U.S., President Donald Trump ordered the creation of a new Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) department focused on helping the victims and families affected by migrant crimes. This includes diverting the funds meant for illegal aliens to help crime victims.

In a memo sent to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Trump announced the creation of the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement Office (VOICE), which will operate under the ICE. The new office aims to offer necessary assistance to anyone victimized by illegal aliens.

Prior to the creation of the office, legal proceedings made it hard for victims to bring their offenders to justice due to their immigration status. This is because victims and their families lack appropriate access to information regarding immigrant suspects due to previous policies of the DHS.

Fortunately, through VOICE, victims will now be able to check on the immigration status as well as other relevant information regarding their offenders. Aside from this service, VOICE will also ensure that all of the concerns of victims and their families regarding the department enforcement procedures will be addressed.

As noted by Secretary John Kelly of the DHS, the operations of VOICE will come from the funds previously used to support illegal aliens in the country. According to the orders of the official, the ICE should arrange for the reallocation of the funds to the newly established department.

It was not specified in the memo if these funds include the resources the government allocates for sanctuary cities. But, as previously noted by Republican lawmakers and the White House, funding for these cities should be stripped if these areas continue to shelter illegal immigrants. They proposed that these resources be used to expand law enforcement powers in order to allow police officers to enforce immigration laws.

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Judyann Joyner No. 1491 2017-02-26 : 12:41

This is great news. Our media has long been suppressing all stories of citizens brutally victimized by illegals. Just visit your local police beat sites, see who is committing most of the crime.

Note, media, politicians have been using the 11 million number of illegals SINCE 2000. Even then that number was overly judicious. Now add the 17 years of massive runs of the southern border… use ICE and Border Patrol union numbers, you arrive at a STAGGERING 76 MILLION. It's costing tax payers AT LEAST 1 trillion/year.

Time for them TO GO.

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