By Kyle James  |  12-18-2017   News
Photo credit: Montgomery County Sheriff's Office

A woman in Woodlands, Texas was arrested and charged with stealing 15 Michael Kors bags worth $4,700. Deputies say 26-year-old Maria Rangel was pulled over on the Mall Ring Road after a reported hit-and-run at The Woodlands Mall.

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Montgomery County deputies searched her vehicle and discovered 15 Michael Kors purses in Rangel's vehicle. Along with the purses, deputies found a pair of wire cutters in one of the purses. Deputies reviewed the security footage from Macy's department store and saw Rangel in the video stealing the purses with two other suspects.

Deputies returned the purses to Macy's and arrested Rangel for a slew of charges. She was booked into jail on charges of failure to stop and render aid at the hit-and-run incident and felony possession of stolen property.

Montgomery County deputies also identified the two other suspects and warrants have been issued for their arrests.

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