By: Earnest Jones | 02-21-2017 | News

President Trump Unveils Memos Outlining New Plan On Immigration Crackdown

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Trump’s administration has unveiled plans for a sweeping crackdown on illegal immigrants after releasing two memos which expand the pool of people that will be targeted for detainment and deportation.

The plan aims at broadening the guidelines for undocumented immigrants which are subject to expedited removal and hiring of thousands of border security personnel. The memos were signed on Sunday by Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly.

A plan is also laid out in the memo to partner with local law enforcement and represent the president’s pledge to take a more aggressive stance on illegal immigration. It’s worth noting that the memos don’t change anything that was laid out in Trump’s executive orders on immigration that he signed late in January. However, they signal plans for hardline implementation.

The memo cites a surge in illegal immigration along the southern border and as a result Trump’s administration will follow new rules for expedited deportation once they are determined by Kelly and entered into the Federal Register.

It’s also worth noting that the memo calls for 10,000 new immigrations and customs enforcement agents, 5,000 additional Border Patrol agents and 500 more Air and Marine agents and officers. The local and state law enforcement personnel in 16 states are currently eligible for designation as immigration officers, the memo also seeks to expand the program to a great extent.

The memo places a greater emphasis on establishing detention facilities in a bid to prevent undocumented immigrants from absconding before being reviewed for deportation.

The wall along the southern border is also addressed and the project will undergo immediate planning and construction although details concerning funding are not highlighted. Prosecution of parents who pay smugglers to bring children across the border is also highlighted in the memo.

The memos supersede most of the policies that have been put in place by previous administration. However, the current language that allows children brought into the country illegally as minors will remain in place. The 750,000 recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA) are granted protection from deportation. The memos provide additional logistical details as they comply with executive orders issued shortly after Trump assumed office.


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