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Vice Presidential Debate Between Gov. Mike Pence and Sen. Tim Kaine

> Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine and Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence shake hands prior to the start of the Vice-Presidential Debate at Longwood University on October 4, 2016 in Farmville, Virginia. This is the second of four debates during the presidential election season and the only debate between the vice-presidential candidates.

From the onset, Pence was more convincing of the two men on the vice president debate stage. Pence more than once swung to the camera when he addressed inquiries, clarifying that he comprehended that the genuine group of audience wasn't in the room, however, the genuine onlookers were viewing on TV. The Indiana senator was quiet, cool and gathered all through an unmistakable difference to the quick talking (and apparently anxious) Kaine. Did Pence react to Kaine's many assaults on Trump? Just kind of. What Pence appeared to do was putting forth the defense for Pence-ism, a, challenge I say it, empathetic conservatism a case for Pence 2020 or 2024. In any case, Trump will particularly take it as Pence's execution will offer a reset of sorts for a battle that is scrambling gravely because of self-caused wounds from the candidate. Win or lose in 24 days, Pence did himself genuine favor according to the Republican world on Tuesday night.

For the vast majority of the 95 minutes or so that the discussion kept going, it was marginal unwatchable. There was so much cross-talk thus minimal genuine inquiry noting that it had a craving for watching two children toss pureed potatoes at each other. If you could and I couldn't looking for another thing to watch appeared like a truly damn great alternative. Enter the American League special case amusement.

Somebody likely advised the Virginia senator to be on his front foot in the verbal confrontation, dependably be the attacker. It didn't work. Kaine began the level headed discussion talking so rapidly and attempting to load such a large number of Trump assaults into each answer that it made it for all intents and purposes difficult to get a handle on any one assault. Amidst the level-headed discussion, Kaine appeared to unwind into it - conveying a successful assault on Trump's remarks on ladies. However, that Kaine was the special case, not the guideline. When he wasn't attempting to stuff 10 pounds of assault in a five-pound sack in his answers, he was determinedly interfering with Pence. Every time Pence began to level an assault against Clinton, Kaine quickly started to talk over him. I'm not certain if that was intentionally or not but rather it didn't go over well by any stretch of the imagination. One glaring case

> As Pence was relating his own experience on Sept. 11, 2001, Kaine hindered to say "I was in Virginia." Um, alright. Not a decent look.

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