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Two Woman Dead After Balcony Collapses At Christmas Party

Two women were killed and another 17 injured after a balcony collapsed during a work Christmas party in Melbourne on Saturday night. The first victim has been identified as 59-year-old Tupperware manager Cheryl Taylor.

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The accident occurred at an end-of-the-year Tupperware party at a Doncaster East home around 10:30 p.m. when an overloaded timber deck collapsed. Hosts Chris and Eve Nunn were hosting the party for their staff when around 30 staff members gathered for a photo on the left side of the L-shaped balcony.

Taylor and a 37-year-old woman were killed when the balcony collapsed and injured 17 others. The reason for the collapse will be investigated by Manningham Council but due to it being an ongoing investigation the council will not comment.

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Chief executive officer Warwick Winn said, "We urge all home and property owners to ensure they comply with the relevant legislative requirements for any building works. It is important that home and property owners regularly check and maintain their balconies, decks, and balustrades."

In 1994, the building permit system was privatized in Victoria and now most building permits are issued by private building surveyors. The property where the accident took place was built in 1985 and was advertised online for rent last year.

A total of ten women and seven men were ranging from age 20 to 69 were taking to the hospital with soft tissue injuries, fractures, and lacerations. The name of the other deceased victim has yet to be released.

One victim named Jade Moana wrote on Facebook, "Thank you for all the messages of support, I'm not ignoring anyone, just processing. Andy is home and understandably sore and I am due for surgery this afternoon as long as my swelling goes down. It's only a broken leg and dislocated ankle. I am thankful."

Andrew Stone lives next to the home where the collapse occurred and said, "The crash was biblical. It was like nothing I'd heard before. People were bringing out chairs, pillows, and blankets just to help out people who were injured."

The police are also investigating the incident.

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