By: Savannah Smith | 02-21-2017 | News
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Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta Is The Epitome Of A Loser. He Refuses To Move On

What is the epitome of a loser? Even if the battle has been convincingly decided and the clear winner has been declared, the sore loser will keep on crying and whining. He will also be stuck in perpetual post-game analysis mode, except that he is solely obsessed in fault-finding and engaging in blame game, all in an effort to come out with alibis to explain his sorry loss. A bad, bitter loser can think of all imaginable excuses for the humiliation except the fact that he lost because of his own doing, because he simply failed. The ultimate loser instead of gallantly accepting reality and moving on will also be forever trapped on "what-could-have-beens" imaginings and would expect others to join him in the pathetic exercise.

Former Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta is the epitome of such a miserable, pathetic loser who can not move on. More than three months after the crushing defeat of his boss Hillary to Donald Trump, and a month since President Trump has taken over the White House, working so hard and accomplishing things so fast, Podesta is still stuck in the tired post-election analysis and still whining about one of their biggest excuses- the FBI factor, among so many alibis they kept blaming like a broken record.

Podesta claimed in a new interview on Monday that "forces within the FBI" worked against Hillary during the 2016 presidential election. Podesta said that those "certain forces" wanted Hillary to lose, and that they probably did not understand what the alternative was, in obvious reference to Trump's victory.

Podesta specified the supposed bad judgment of FBI Director James Comey when 11 days prior to the election, the FBI Chief notified Congress that the agency was reopening its investigation into the private email server scandal of Hillary. Podesta failed to offer any new, enlightening or even shocking evidence to back up this persistent claim. In fact, he did not offer any evidence at all to substantiate how the FBI announcement truly affected the election result.

Podesta would only go as far as say that it was during that time of Comey's revelation that the polls tighten between Clinton and Trump. He also said that Comey may have been pressured to make public his letter to Congress. Nothing we have not heard before, really.

Podesta would rather conveniently put the blame on FBI, Comey and "certain unnamed forces" within the agency than look to his own contribution to Hillary's massive loss. As campaign chairman, Podesta had a lot to answer for as far as how weak and unimaginative they ran Hillary's campaign in stark contrast to the strategic, creative and emotive campaign of Trump that truly resonated with American voters. They also lost the swing states that could be also due in part to bad and lazy campaign strategies, something Podesta should have been in control of. Then there's the weak Hillary message, anchored only on continuing Obama's policies. The bland "Stronger Together" versus the compelling "Make America Great Again?". Need we say more?

And we have not even started to analyze what those leaked emails about Podesta reveal, how he's not really so smart and how a liability he really is. How did Hillary lose? Should we count the ways, 'John Podesta' would top the list- the epitome of a loser still so caught up in whining and crying.

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Anonymous No. 1433 2017-02-22 : 19:39

No politician should ever hire an idiot like Podesta ever again. He can doom a potential victory. Loser indeed.

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