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Photo credit: Weldon Baptist Church

Innocent One-Year-Old Child in North Carolina Murdered by Stray Bullet from Drive-By Shooting

Law enforcement agencies in Weldon, North Carolina say that they're traumatized after having to respond to a scene where an innocent child was murdered in a hail of gunfire by criminal gangs that have zero concern for the well-being of innocent people.

Police say that the infant child, one-year-old Jaxon Clay, was inside of the residence on Elm Street with his mother when the boy’s father heard the gunshot and came running to the child's bedroom.

Gene Clay, Jaxson’s father, said, “And, I go around to our other room and I pull the curtain back. (His mother has) him in her arms, and he’s got blood all on his face. It was a bad scene.”

That's when he was devastated forever, as his son lay in his wife's arms shot, and lifeless; he was in complete shock.

A victim of a criminal gang’s internal dispute, where a drive-by shooting left the child shot in the head as a result of a stray bullet that had pierced their window.

“You don’t think anything like that could happen. And, he didn’t deserve it. He didn’t. He was such a happy little boy. And, he was so smart and so sweet. And, I just don’t understand,” said Jaxson’s mother, Brittany Labonte.

Weldon Police arrived at the scene, one which they described as being filled with “horror and complete misery,” where they were forced to witness the pain and suffering on the parent's faces who had just lost their child.

According to the Weldon Police Department, the family received a text message on Tuesday night, that would lead them to arresting the suspect in the case.

Jaxon’s mother, Brittany Labonte later told<a href=""> WNCN </a>local news about the text message she received, “They said that they were sorry, that they knew it couldn’t bring our son back. But, at the time of shooting our house, they were high on pills and drunk.”

As a result of that message, law enforcement from the Weldon Police Department was able to determine a suspect, although they won't comment on a motive behind the shooting due to the fact that this is considered an “active investigation”, according to police.

Police then began searching for Malcolm Lukei Artis, who they say was behind the murder of the child, placing out an all points bulletin to apprehend him on first-degree murder and attempted murder charges.

Just days later, on Thursday, Artis was arrested in Lithia Springs, Georgia, with assistance from the multiple law enforcement agencies including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, the Atlanta Police Department, and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

It remains unclear as to why Artis was in Georgia, but police said that he went there soon after the murder, possibly in an attempt to flee justice.

Malcolm Artis, who goes by the various street names “Marco,” “Macco,” and “Little Keith,” was also then charged with discharging a weapon into an occupied property causing serious bodily injury.

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While the family was struggling with the loss, and the financial culpability for burying a child, members of the Weldon Baptist Church, where the family attended regular services, began raising money for funeral services for the heartbroken family.

While nothing can return Jaxson to his parent's, it certainly serves as a reminder to the world that the criminal savages responsible for this atrocity have no place in our society.

They're animals, and the simple inner city crime isn't remaining caged into one community anymore; it's now spilling into the civilized world, and we have to do something, anything, regardless of how dramatic, to prevent these types or murders from happening ever again.

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Anonymous No. 14176 2017-12-18 : 00:21

This will never happen in my neighborhood, RP. We will kill every gang member in the county if need be.

Anonymous No. 14177 2017-12-18 : 00:24

I'm so sick of these animals

kane No. 14180 2017-12-18 : 01:37

a white person is about 15 times more likely to be assaulted, raped, or killed by a black person, than a black person is to be assaulted, raped, or killed by a white person. everyone needs to realize the problem of blacks' behavior to society.

Anonymous No. 14202 2017-12-18 : 11:48

Any photo of the murderous feces species?

Anonymous No. 14243 2017-12-19 : 01:10

so cute , :(

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