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Manhunt for Pedophile Who Murdered 7-Week-Old Puppy

Law enforcement agencies from across the country are now engaged in a joint-effort manhunt from Florida to Alaska in order to locate a vicious pedophile who's also wanted on several charges related to murdering innocent animals.

28-year-old Kanin Robert Grant, who also goes by the identity Robert Carle, is being sought after in multiple states, according to authorities.

A tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children was sent to the Alaska Bureau of Investigation’s Technical Crimes Unit, who then began to investigate Grant / Carle’s IP addresses until they monitored illicit transmissions of child pornography going unto his residence in Petersburg.

As a response, this led law enforcement to obtain a search warrant, and later raid his home.

Once authorities went inside the home, however, Grant / Carle was nowhere to be found.

Despite the lack of presence of the suspect, multiple devices which were seized from the residence were found to contain files that depicted prepubescent children, many as young as toddlers, engaged in perverse sexual assaults with adult males.

In Alaska, Grant / Carle was indicted this past Thursday on 12 felony counts related to the possession of Child Pornography, each of which carries a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 99 years in prison.

When researching the suspect, it was then found that he had used the second identity in Florida in the past, where authorities would uncover an extremely disturbing criminal history coming out of Citrus County.

As it turns out, under the identity of Kanin Robert Grant, Grant / Carle has warrants in Citrus County with multiple charges in relation to animal cruelty.

Law enforcement had arrested Carle several years ago after he threw a 7-week-old innocent puppy so hard against a brick that he killed the dog.

That wasn't his only charge against animals though, and the Citrus County Sheriff's Office says that this incident occurred before his other Animal Cruelty arrest, but investigators had to build a case and get a warrant for this charge.

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The Citrus County Sheriff's Office says he is the same individual that was arrested for animal cruelty against Zander, another puppy in which he kicked so hard, that he broke its leg and caused the puppy's eye to be swollen shut.

After the police in Alaska hear about these shocking cases, and found that Grant / Carle was wanted multiple parts of the county; they've since contacted the United States Marshals Service, who have launched a nationwide manhunt for the fugitive.

Anyone who may have information about the suspect who could be using either the name Grant or Carle, or his whereabouts, is asked to contact Alaska State Trooper Robert Bressler of the Technical Crimes Unit at 269-5511, or the United States Marshals Service at (407) 316-5500, or even the Citrus County Sheriff's Office in Florida at (352) 726-4488.

What this man has done, in regards to both the child pornography, and the horrendous murder and violence towards innocent animals, is absolutely disgusting in the worst ways imaginable.

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Shannon No. 14228 2017-12-18 : 16:39

Please catch this Horrible Person and throw the key Away.

Anonymous No. 14253 2017-12-19 : 07:36

Fuck keys, this piece of shit deserves the electric chair or getting his head bashed in with a brick.

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