By: Savannah Smith | 12-17-2017 | News
Photo credit: cbslocal

Two Men Armed With Assault Rifle Rob Philly 7-Eleven

Two men robbed a 7-Eleven store at gunpoint in Philadelphia. Police are searching for the robbers.

The incident happened after 5 a.m. Sunday in the 3900 block of Kensington Avenue in Frankford. Two men entered the 7-Eleven store and robbed the clerk of an undisclosed amount of cash. One of the men was armed with an AK 47 assault rifle.

There were other customers inside the store when the crime happened. The authorities said that fortunately, no injuries arising from the incident were reported.

The authorities are still investigating the incident. They have not released any other information about the robbers. It is not clear if the investigators have coordinated with the store management already for available surveillance camera footage of the incident that could shed more light on the identities or identifying marks of the suspects.

7-Eleven management or the store owner of the said branch has not yet given their statement on the matter.

It is not yet clear if the suspects have also victimized other stores in the area, or neighboring areas. It is not clear yet also if the incident is linked to the expected increase in theft and robberies during the Christmas season.


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Anonymous No. 14198 2017-12-18 : 11:12

AK-47 to rob a 7-11… ?????

What a poor use of such a weapon.

Would not surprise me if it turned out to be a Toy with the orange tip removed.

I also noted how the story failed to mention things like:

Ak-47 "style" weapon

the 1st guy in was using a pistol. and posted himself to shoot any Police and or new customers coming in the door.

This a well rehearsed take down TEAM.

Here is the video

Anonymous No. 14199 2017-12-18 : 11:17

Also noted it looks like the AK- Style holders face has been blurred out ?????

yes I saved and run the video with zoom.

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