By: Lawrence Synder | 02-21-2017 | News
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Riots Break Out in Sweden After President Trump Criticizes Their Immigration Policy

Shortly after President Donald Trump criticized Sweden due to its situation regarding immigrants, violent riots broke out in the Scandinavian country. According to police reports, these riots originated in Rinkeby, a borough in Sweden that’s highly inhabited by immigrants.

Known as a problem area for Sweden, Rinkeby holds a large concentration of refugees from various countries. It is also very common for riots to break out in this area.

On Monday, another riot in Rinkeby occurred after groups of people began throwing stones at police officers in the area’s subway station. The incident quickly escalated after rioters burned down the parked cars in the area. This then prompted police officers to fire warning shots at the rioters, who many are believed to be members of youth gangs in Rinkeby, according to Zero Hedge.

The recent riot in Sweden is being attributed to the country’s growing immigration crisis, which began after the government opened a program to let refugees in a couple of years ago. Since then, over 190,000 immigrants from Muslim countries have entered the country. The large influx of refugees also correlates with the increase in Sweden’s crime rate, which includes rape.

This is the situation that Trump was referring to during his speech in Florida on Sunday. As noted by the president, Sweden’s open borders for immigrants have made the country a target for refugees with criminal intent and backgrounds.

However, instead of addressing the situation, it seems Sweden is still trying to cover up the growing crisis related to migrant crime. According to WikiLeaks, for the last five years, Swedish media has been censoring stories that focus on crimes committed by immigrants.

This revelation corresponds to a Breitbart report released last year about how an article from Mail Online was blocked in Sweden. The article centered on the murder of a 22-year-old asylum center worker, who was allegedly stabbed to death by a gang of immigrants.

Aside from reporting on the crime, Mail Online also questioned the age of the attackers. According to the asylum center’s records, the ages of the suspects ranged from 14 to 17. However, before the victim died, she noted that they looked like adults in their early to mid-twenties.

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Patty No. 1417 2017-02-21 : 16:26

Such a disservice to the law abiding citizens of Sweden government has screwed up and citizens are suffering

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