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New From Japan: Drive-Thru Funeral

If you would go back in time some 150 years, you would see that people in the 1800s and people today are different in many ways, but so is their time spent. A thing like leisure time, or free time, did not exist. And still in today’s society, the one time we seem to be missing all the time, is time. Our lives are busy and cramped with things to do, so whenever we can shorten a regular activity, it is hailed as a new invention. Think of vacuum cleaners and ironing boards, think of the computer abilities of your mobile phone, all time savers.

And now from Japan we are hearing about a new trend. Time saved on mourning. Yes, dear readers, Japan is introducing a Drive-Thru funeral. Though the official explanation still is that it’s mostly intended for those of us who are unable to get out of the car, everyone knows it is in fact meant for those wanting to save time.

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The first in Japan to offer the service is the Aishoden funeral home in Ueda, a medium-sized city in the central Japan prefecture.

According to one of the first visitors on the tour of this solution for people disabled to attend funerals or those short in time, 30-year-old Mr Kazuhiro Ogura, it does offer a solution for some people: "It's good because it responds to the feelings of people who have given up participating in funerals.”

“I think the chief mourner would be also happy about the fact that they have come to the funeral even if they didn't get out of their car.”

The faces of those who come by car are shown on a screen inside the funeral home so family members can still see those who chose to attend by car to pay their respects.

Whether it will catch on, we don’t know. That it will be talked about, we’re quite sure.


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Anonymous No. 14128 2017-12-17 : 09:02

What will they invent next

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