By: Kyle James | 12-16-2017 | News
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This Pizza Is No Joke

Ordering pizza is a fun thing to do but one mother in Stafford, Virginia got more than she bargained for when she and her sons requested a little something extra in the delivery instructions.

"My son ordered a pizza online and under the special instructions he requested a joke," she said. The woman's identity has not been revealed but she says her 12 and 15-year-old sons have requested a joke in the delivery instructions in the past.

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This time, when the pizza arrived there was a joke written under the lid but the boy's mother says the joke was a little too spicy for her taste. The joke begins with, "What do a pizza delivery driver and a gynecologist have in common?"

The boy's mother was shocked and contacted the Pizza Hut to complain. "I was really shocked and floored that Pizza Hut would send that type of joke out. The employee even called and I told her that I hope she doesn’t lose her job over this," the woman said.

The worker was let go and now people on social media are outraged that the woman got someone fired days before Christmas. One post said, "I hope you see it in that big, black heart of yours to call back and explain that you aren’t upset. Days before Christmas you got someone fired."

The woman's reply to people saying they asked for the joke and got what they ordered is, "It’s an inappropriate joke. There’s a time and place for everything. My pizza box is not one of them. It’s a lesson learned."

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3 Comment/s
Anonymous No. 14127 2017-12-17 : 08:09

What is the answer though?

Anonymous No. 14133 2017-12-17 : 09:32

People are upset a person got someone fired before Christmas?

Shouldn't people be upset that some bozo did something like this whether it was the holidays or not ?

The fired person is the one that risked termination.

A customer who paid $15++ for the pizza and is now not sure its safe to eat it, is not to blame.

The Bozo should have considered it might cost her her job.

Anonymous No. 14134 2017-12-17 : 09:34

BTW: to answer the WHY?


They both get close enough to smell the goods, but if they eat it they'll be in trouble.

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