By Steve Dellar  |  12-16-2017   News
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A teacher at Davis High School, Oklahoma, is currently being investigated by police after they were informed by the school that she had applied for a marriage licence to one of her 16-year-old students.

Davis Police chief Mr Dan Cooper said: “We started hearing rumours around the first of December of a possible inappropriate relationship between a teacher and student.”

Court records indeed show that Ms Cassandra Renae White, 34-years-old, filed for a marriage license in Cleveland County on December 13th this week, to be married to a 16-year-old boy (who cannot be named for legal reasons).

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In Oklahoma, a 16-year-old can be married with parental consent. In this case, the boy’s father had signed for the teen.

The next day, Ms White was no longer employed by the Davis Public Schools.

“The district is currently cooperating with law enforcement in the investigation of these allegations,” the school said in a statement “The teacher in question is no longer employed by Davis Schools.”

Davis Police are investigating the case as under Oklahoma law ‘a person can be charged with rape if a victim, between 16-20 years old, has a sexual relationship with a teacher, at least 18-years-old, and that teacher is employed by the same school system where the student is enrolled.’ You will note that in this case all criteria have been met. Ms White risks a jail term should the police decide to file a complaint.

The father of the teen did not want to comment.


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