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Pence Dominates Kaine in Vice Presidential Debate

On October 4, Mike Pence and Tim Kaine, the nominees in the vice presidential race, faced off for their official debate at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia. By sticking to the important issues, Pence, who is the Governor of Indiana and Donald Trump’s running mate, was able to emerge as the more competent candidate than the Democratic vice presidential nominee.

Unlike what happened during the first debate between Trump and Hillary Clinton, Pence did not get trapped under various petty issues such as Alicia Machado, birtherism and tax returns. Instead, he was able to convey a solid message through his concise explanations of Trump’s vision for the country,according to Fox News.

One of the main subjects that Pence dominated in was the administration’s plans for boosting the local economy. The vice presidential nominee reiterated that under the leadership of Trump, the government will aim to achieve at least 3.5 percent economic growth through forging lucrative international trade deals, tax cuts, deregulation and energy production.

This plan is certainly much better than what Clinton and Kaine have in mind, which is to use the government’s financial resources for education, infrastructure and child care programs. Although these are still good for the country, the only way the government will be able to deliver these promises is if it decides to raise taxes.

Aside from the economy, Pence also discussed another pressing matter currently affecting the country today, which is the killing of African Americans by law enforcers. Although this topic was brought up by Kaine to once again accuse Trump’s party of being racist, Pence was able to deflect these by reminding the public about the daily sacrifice of police officers.

Another key factor that made Pence the clear winner of the debate was his general demeanor. Unlike Kaine, who was always on the offensive to either attack or interrupt his rival, Pence maintained his composure and kept the debate on the right track by talking about the issues that really matter.

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