By: Savannah Smith | 12-16-2017 | News
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Washington Man Invents Booby-Trapped Box To Scare Off Porch Package Thieves

Many homeowners have experienced at one point or at several times losing their delivered packages outside their homes. A number of residents have taken to surveillance cameras in an effort to catch package thieves. But a Washington man has gone out of his way to invent a strong deterrece to package thieves. The invention is so unique and literally full of impaact that chances are thieves would be so scared to try again to steal his packages.

Jaireme Barrow of Tacoma, Washington invented what he calls “The Blank Box” and has even turned it into something of a booming business.

The anti-theft package works as an empty booby-trapped box by leaving it on a porch. The box may appear inviting to prospective thieves but it is rigged with fishing wire and a 12-gauge shotgun blank that goes off.

Barrow described the box. He said: “So it’s fully contained. You can move it around however you want. You don’t have to worry about it going off. Leave it on the porch all day and then someone comes up to pick it up– pop!pop!–that’s when it goes off.”

The main objective is to really scare off potential thieves. Barrow said he’s getting frustrated with his packages getting stolen is his main motivation for inventing his “The Blak Box.”

Barrow said of his past experiences with his packages: “I got tired of all my packages coming up missing. I’d be at work and I’d get home and they wouldn’t be on my front porch and I’d watch my surveillance and see someone running away with them.”

The inventor vows that the thieves will certainly not be returning after they encounter his box. Barrow said: “It’s just like any alarm system. It’s just a loud noise and it deters theft, but it just happens to be a 12-gauge blank in this case.”

It is also now a booming business. Barrow is proud that “it’s all hands-on, made in America.” Most of all, he said “every one of these is built with love.”

He counts his neighbors as his big supporters as they buy from him, and he said they are happy with the results as potential thieves do not know what his neighbors have on their porches- if it is a legit box or his blank box.

The Tacoma police, however, warned that the invention can backfire on residents. If a package is rigged and it injures a thief, the owner of the box can be held liable.

The authorities said that the best course of action should homeowners lose their precious packages is to do it the old, legal way: file a police report and hand their surveillance video of the theft to investigators.


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Anonymous No. 14135 2017-12-17 : 09:43

His design is better that the one I have been using to scare off uninvited persons and critters .

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