By: Kyle James | 12-16-2017 | News
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Hair Stylist Stole $300,000 From 94-Year-Old, Gambled It All In Four Months

A hair stylist in Tuscon, Arizona has been convicted of stealing $300,000 from a vulnerable 94-year-old client with dementia. Supranom “Addy” Klos stole most of the victim's life savings and gambled it away in a four-month period.

The victim was a client of Klos and the two started a friendship more than 20 years ago when she met the victim and her husband. When the victim's husband died 2011, Klos was given power of attorney over her finances. A news release states, "in 2014, Klos began unlawfully using the power of attorney to rapidly deplete the victim’s account."

Klos also used the money to purchase a new car and dental implants with the victim's life savings. Law enforcement was notified by the victim's bank when they noticed several large transactions transferring out of the victim's account.

Klos faces at least 4 years in prison for one count of Fraudulent Schemes, three counts of Theft, one count of Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card, and one count of Unlawful Use of Power of Attorney.

The thieving hairdresser will be sentenced at a later date and "A court-appointed guardian is assisting the victim to ensure her safety and well-being."

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