By: Earnest Jones | 02-20-2017 | News

Melania Wows Melbourne FL as The Trumps Rally For a Better America

President Trump made a traveled to Melbourne, Florida where he gave a campaign speech to a crowd of cheering supporters. Trump took to stage and delivered a classically Trump speech in which he rallied against the Democrats and the media as he touted on his accomplishments so far.

Melania Trump led the crowd with the Lord's prayer after which she expressed her gratitude and honor as the first lady, adding that she shares the vision of an America where everyone can work and succeed, a nation that's committed to greater civility and unity amongst people from all sides of the political divide. She also emphasized that she will always stay true to herself and be truthful to the American people no matter what the opposition claims about her.

Melania also promised that she will act in the best interest of the American people, adding that she is committed to creating and supporting initiatives geared to her heart and that will have a great impact on women and children all over the globe. She also emphasized that her husband is creating a country of great safety and prosperity. Melania then introduced the President of the United States, Mr. Trump.

Trump thanked the crowd adding that he was surprised since he didn't know that Melania was going to be saying the Lord's prayer. However, he pointed out that it was beautiful and thanked Melania. He also said that it was great to be Florida, adding that it's a state which he loves as he also pointed out that the state had great victory in the just concluded elections.

Trump said that after one month since his inauguration, he had gone back to Florida to tell the people about the incredible progress that his administration had made in making America great again. He also pointed out about his plans on the future, adding that they were big and bold. He also pledged to always support well-wishers who salute the country's flag and pray for a better future, adding that the great movement that his administration is unleashing has never been seen before.

The mainstream media got slammed by President Trump who said that he intends to address the nation directly without the filter of the fake news. He pointed out the dishonest media and its efforts in publishing false stories without sources, adding that the media is part of the problem and the corrupt system. Trump also pledged that he'll never let the media get away with the lies.

President Trump also pointed out that the country is going to have strong borders as he emphasized that General Kelly is really doing the job. He also hinted that his administration will be releasing a great healthcare plan in a couple of weeks that's going to replace the awful Obamacare.

Addressing the issue of low cost energy, Trump said that he'll be lifting restrictions on oil, on shell, on natural gas, and on very clean coal. He also pointed out at the enforcement of immigration laws to defend the borders. Trade fair and a level playing field were also addressed by Trump who noted that the when American workers win, America as country also wins.

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