By: Earnest Jones | 02-19-2017 | News
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BREAKING: White House Deputy Chief of Staff,Republican Katie Walsh Identified As The Source Of Leaks

Multiple sources in the White House, media, donor community and pro Trump political group have confirmed that the White House Deputy Chief of Staff, Republican Katie Walsh has been identified as the source behind the leaks that have been plaguing Trump’s administration to the New York Times and other outlets.

A source close to the president made a statement saying that everyone knows not to talk to her in the White House unless they want to see it in the press, adding that the only question is whether or not she’s doing it at the command of White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus or she’s doing it to advance herself in the crooked DC media ring.

It’s also reported by one source in particular that Walsh is close to Maggie Habberman, a New York Times reporter who was behind the fawning pro-Republican National Committee stories during last year’s presidential elections, she’s planted stories in Politico and The Washington Post. A senior aide also revealed that Walsh is referred to as Madame President in the White House, and it happens that it’s not a compliment but to ridicule his inappropriate behavior.

Since she controls the President’s schedule, Walsh has significant access. There has also been emails between Reince Priebus and Katie Walsh in which they discuss how to rid themselves of Trump.

A source close to the President’s family indicates that the president and his allies have been deliberately feeding her fake information in order to find her network and that has been going on well.

It’s no surprise that Walsh is behind the leaks since during the campaign, she and her family never supported Donald Trump during the Presidential campaign. It’s important that Trump’s administration gives her the rope with which she’ll hang herself and others in her network. Firing her immediately is not the best move since Trump’s administration will not be in a position to exploit her and everyone else colluding with her.


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Anonymous No. 1407 2017-02-20 : 07:11

Good! Lets break out the rope and hang her on the whitehouse front lawn

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