By: Steve Dellar | 12-15-2017 | News
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Christmas Office Party Space Cake Hospitalizes Eight

Every year, there’s an office party at work. Every year, newspapers everywhere are full of tips and tricks on how to best behave. Dress to impress, eat something before you go, don’t overdo it on the alcohol and don’t think you can dance if you can’t are only some of them. The internet is full of lists with what to do and certainly what not to do.

One man in New Zealand clearly didn’t read those.

He was charged with poisoning ten of his workmates by serving them a cake laced with amphetamines. The 58-year-old man from the town of Rodney man was arrested after police investigating the incident executed a search warrant north of Auckland, New Zealand. He was charged with poisoning, cultivation of cannabis, possession of utensils and unlawful possession of firearms.

Some ten people of his workplace had eaten the cake he had brought but only eight of them needed hospitalization. As with all good drug-laced cakes, the more you eat, the harder it hits you. It was therefore understood that the eight victims who had become unwell ate at least three pieces.

Police Detective Inspector Mr Richard Corbidge claimed that they were called by the ambulance staff after they saw 10 people coming in, all of whom had consumed cake at a Christmas party.

Mr Corbdige: “At approximately 11am on the 13th 10 patients at a workplace in Glenfield had eaten a cake which allegedly contained amphetamines.”


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Anonymous No. 14048 2017-12-15 : 14:23

Okay, now I want cake.

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