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School Hides Child's Suicide Note For Three Days

A 10-year-old boy in Mississippi was bullied so badly he left a suicide note at school saying he would kill himself if the bullying didn't stop. The boy's grandparents say the school didn't notify the boy's parents until three days after they found the note.

The boy attends McCoy Elementary School in Yazoo City, Mississippi which is where the note was found on Monday. Even three days after the note was written, the boy's grandparents haven't heard a word about it. McDaniel Gatson, the boy's grandfather, and guardian said: "Three days from him, we hadn't heard about our grandson writing a suicide letter."

Gatson says he spoke with McCoy's Principal, Dr. Chano after his grandson was kicked in the groin at school and the bullies threatened to kill him and it was only then that the school informed him of the note. A psychiatrist who has worked with children for 28 years named Krishan Gupta says, "A lot of children who were bullied have low self-esteem because of that, which causes a lot of stress in their brain, and may cause depression."

Another child psychiatrist says it is unacceptable that the school failed to notify the child's guardians sooner. Yazoo City School District Superintendent Darron Edwards said they are investigating the matter and if what Gatson says is true they will take administrative action. Edwards added in the meantime they will be providing counseling for the boy and anyone else who needs at the school.

Gatson said, "I'm really just trying to expose the fact that we have a problem with bullying in Yazoo City School District." The school district's police chief explained that after a bullying form is filled out, a conference is held with all parties involved informing them if it continues then criminal charges will be filed.

The boy's grandparents are also seeking professional help for the boy and hired a counselor separate from the school Thursday morning.

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Anonymous No. 14020 2017-12-15 : 03:18

The weak should fear the strong.

John-Michael Mahnke No. 14023 2017-12-15 : 03:34

Some Day perents won`t send their kids to school anymore if this continues.

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