By: Savannah Smith | 02-19-2017 | News
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Welcome Change?: Homeland Security Sec. Kelly Announces Revised Travel Ban

The Trump administration is proving that while it embraces dogged determination to fulfill its objectives, it also has the keen judgment to seek or make clarifications, listen to the public's sentiments and prepare adjustments to policies if needed to be.

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly has just announced the Trump administration's revised executive order on the temporary travel ban barring citizens from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the U.S. and clarified that contrary to some earlier confusions, green card residency holders and travelers already on planes will not be stopped from entering the country. The few revisions and clarifications on the travel ban are expected to be announced in an updated executive order by President Trump on Tuesday.

Kelly said that the President is contemplating on issuing a tighter, more streamlined version of the first executive order. Kelly, for his part and the Homeland Security, welcomes the opportunity to work the roll out plan in particular to ensure it "no one in a sense is caught in the system moving from overseas to our airports".

Kelly went out of his way to make the clarification that undef such phase in period it's a good assumption to make that green card holders will be allowed to enter the U.S., while those who are already in transit will not have to suffer glitches and will be likewise permitted to enter the country. Kelly made the announcement at the Munich Security Conference.

The announcement is consistent with the Trump administration's earlier declaration that it will no longer challenge legally the decision of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upholding a federal judge's temporary restraining order on the travel ban, and will instead issue another executive order on the matter.

President Trump remained firm all through-out that his executive order is aimed at protecting national security and the territorial integrity of the U.S., and not as a Muslim ban. Ensuring that the country prevents potential terrorists from known ISIS strongholds from entering the country was also a strong campaign promise that resonated with voters during the election. Trump's readiness and willingness to make some clarifications and adjustments in his executive order without compromising his original goals show his leadership skills.

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