By: Kyle James | 12-13-2017 | News
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Indiana Still Won't Allow Convenience Stores To Sell Cold Beer

The state of Indiana only allows clout-heavy package liquor stores to sell cold beer and after recent statements from Indiana lawmakers that probably isn't going to change anytime soon.

Two leading voices on Indiana's alcohol issues recently made comments during a legislative preview discussion on Wednesday saying there is little chance lawmakers will take action in favor of allowing convenience and grocery stores to sell cold beer.

While it isn't clear what the reasoning is behind only allowing the majority of stores in the state to sell beer warm, it does seem like it could be a law founded in greed and pursued by the few corporations benefiting from the current restrictions.

Former state Senator Beverly Gard and Senate Public Policy Committee Chairman Ron Alting both agreed that when it comes to the issue of warm beer it's a non-starter in the coming session.

Currently, only liquor stores are allowed to sell cold beer while grocery chains and convenience stores are all restricted to selling warm beer. Recent public opinion polls show the majority of people widely support allowing convenience and big-box stores to sell cold beer.

Gard seems perfectly content to leave the law the way it is now since he said that things aren't likely to change unless voters make their voices heard.

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Anonymous No. 13997 2017-12-14 : 16:02

Ill bet some Indianians consume warm beer? Reminds me of a friend that stated "Ill drink warm budwiser before cold miller anytime" LOL

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