By: Earnest Jones | 02-19-2017 | News
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Six Large UFOs' Creep Past International Space Station: Nasa Tries To Cover It Up

Six large UFOs were sighted passing the International Space Station in a video that NASA is being accused of covering up an alien sighting after it cut the feed and replaced it with images from camera that showed the inside of a briefing room.

Reports from conspiracy theorists state that a fleet of unidentified objects are seen flying by the ISS shortly before NASA’s live-stream goes offline.

The ISS video appears to be focused on the outside of the American station, the 31 seconds’ video shows six large glowing orbs moving past the camera.

Atlas Obscura posted an article that gives James Oberg’s explanation as to what’s behind sightings like this one. James Oberg is a former employee of NASA where he worked back in the 90s. Oberg calls the occurrence a result of space dandruff.

Back in 1996, NASA STS-75 shuttle blasted off on a 15-day mission in a mission that was meant to transport a tether with a satellite at the end that could enable it to conduct electricity.

In 1996, the NASA STS-75 shuttle blasted off on a 15-day mission, with a mission to transport a tether with a satellite at the end that could conduct electricity. However, the tether broke and as a result, the satellite was lost. However, the result was a cloud of ice crystals floating ahead of and around the tether, almost like dandruff and as a result many believed they were UFOs.

Many alien hunters beg to differ with Oberg’s explanation, there are also three explanations from experts. Back in January, there was another sighting near the ISIS when John Craddick from Wolverhampton who told the Sun that he was teaching a friend how to use the NASA live feed when he spotted an object float by the station. Craddick reported that he’d been watching the live feed for years and he’d never seen any UFOs before, adding that at first it was really small and then it grew bigger as it lasted for about 25 seconds. As a result, Mr. Craddick was convinced that it was a UFO since nothing human made could fly that high.

It’s not possible to determine what exactly these objects are during the brief period. However, there are possible explanations. As pointed out by Nigel Watson, a UFO expert and author of the UFO Investigation Manual, NASA usually gives simple explanations for such occurrences, adding that it could be a lens reflection that appears and then goes as the light changes.

UFOs caught by the ISS’s camera can be explained as images of space junk or satellites in a distance, unlike NASA’s typical excuse of ice particles, the sightings might be icebergs.

Tyler expresses his concern as to why NASA cut the live feed and replaced it with feed from the camera showing the inside of a briefing room. Alien hunters are sure that these balls of light are UFOs and it’s time that NASA gave a transparent explanation on the incident.


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