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Six Significant Issues Addressed In Trump’s Press Conference

President Trump emphasized that it was evident that he had inherited a mess from Obama in his impromptu press conference. He railed against claims that criticized his administration pointing out that his administration was operating like a fine-tuned machine.

The unorthodox press conference saw Trump address controversial issues that were raised by the journalists who attended the conference. Addressing claims that his senior campaign aides were in contact with Russian Intelligence, Trump pointed out that the claims were a ruse meant to undermine his administration.

Trump also declined to criticize Vladimir Putin after he’s stepped up his aggression towards the U.S. saying that the negative media coverage was to blame.

Addressing Michael Flynn’s resignation, Trump pointed out that Mike was doing his job and that he would have directed him to do so if he thought Flynn was not doing it.

Trump said that he demanded Flynn’s resignation because he had failed to recount the conversations accurately to Mike Pence.

Mr. Trump said that he had been the biggest electoral college winner since Ronald Regan. However, some people claim that’s not the case and as a result, he was confronted on those facts and he said that he had been given that information and as a result could not be held responsible for any inaccuracies.

Addressing the issue of the Muslim Travel ban, Trump pointed out that the introduction of the immigration and refugee ban had been very smooth and that the bad court had made the wrong ruling by blocking it, adding that he would issue a new executive order next week to protect the U.S. people.

Trump also slammed the media by describing BBC with deep sarcasm as he pointed out that he doesn’t mind bad stories as long as there are true not made up, adding that he’s not okay with fake stories. Trump slammed mainstream media for using a hatred tone adding that he’s not a bad person but the media made it up to make him appear as a bad President.

Trump also defended his wife as he insisted that Melania Trump was a fantastic person who was ready to embrace the role of the first lady, adding that he’s known her for a long time amounting to 11 years. Melania Trump has been absent from the public for three weeks. However, she recently raised eyebrows after announcing that she’s soon going to work on women’s issues.

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