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Pedophiles No Longer Allowed To Leave Australia

Australia is careful who they allow into the country, and they are even more stringent with who they let out. A convicted pedophile was turned away from the Sydney Airport yesterday after a new law that took effect last Wednesday stopped him from leaving the country.

The new law which government officials have dubbed a "world first" is designed to prevent convicted pedophiles from leaving Australia without permission from law enforcement agencies. It is designed to keep Australian pedophiles out of what officials call sex tourism markets in Southeast Asia.

The country's foreign minister, Julie Bishop, told reporters Wednesday, "Australia has up to 20,000 registered child sex offenders who have served their sentences, but are subject to reporting obligations that help protect the community."

Bishop also said around 800 Australian child sex offenders left the country last year with nearly half of them failing to notify authorities. The new measure was pushed by child welfare advocates who pointed to a clear pattern of Australian pedophiles traveling to Southeast Asian countries to rape child sex slaves.

Many destinations in Southeast Asia are popular vacation spots such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. Most of these tourist hot spots are relatively inexpensive flights for Australians but often with far less protection for children.

Last year, a 71-year-old Australian man was handed a 15-year prison sentence by the Indonesian government for crimes against children. "For too long, these predators have traveled overseas undetected, including to countries where weaker laws mean they have opportunities to commit heinous crimes," Bishop continued.

A senator from the state of Victoria named Derryn Hinch has fought for tougher restrictions on convicted pedophiles and described the trips as "child rape holidays."

Hinch also said he would be setting his sights on those sex crimes facilitated through social media. He went on to say, "As I speak, I know that there are deviants right here in Australia using their credit cards and Skype for real-time sex crimes. This is just a start."

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Anonymous No. 13930 2017-12-13 : 15:28

More regulations against pedos is needed. They are a scourge and bane to our society.

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