By: Steve Dellar | 12-13-2017 | News

Immigrant ‘Lasermannen Sniper’ Serial Shooter Goes On Trial In Germany

Often called the ‘First White Nationalist’, John Ausonius has, in fact, many nicknames. In Sweden, he is known as ‘Lasermannen’ because he shot 11 immigrants with a sniper rifle equipped with a laser in the 1990s because he wanted to scare them out of the country.

For Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik, he was ‘an inspiration’, for Swedish police ‘a riddle.’ And just when you think the world has heard the last of Mr. Ausonius, another trial against him starts.

This time in Germany, as he is accused of shooting Ms. Blanka Zmigrod, a German holocaust survivor who worked in a Swedish restaurant where he visited in February of 1992. Two weeks after his visit, he came back to the restaurant and claimed Ms. Zmigrod had stolen his electronic Casio notebook from his pocket.

An argument ensued which ended with Ausonius shouting “we will meet again” at Ms. Zmigrod as the owners forced him to leave the restaurant. The next night, the then 68-year-old was shot from close range by a hooded cyclist as she walked home from work.

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Mr. Ausonius, who is now already 64 years old and is serving a life sentence in Sweden for the shooting of 11 people of immigrant background in the Stockholm and Uppsala area between August 1991 and January 1992, still aims to get early parole.

So, given that he now has to appear 17 years later in a Frankfurt court for a trial that could dash his hopes of an early release, his future is looking grim.

Norwegian white supremacist Anders Breivik, who killed 77 people in July 2011, cited the “laser man” as the inspiration for his killing spree, stating: “It is these injustices that created me, and Laserman in Sweden.”


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Anonymous No. 13911 2017-12-13 : 10:52

Those guys at The Goldwater are always the first to know

Anonymous No. 13931 2017-12-13 : 15:30

Using a laser is just an intimidation tactic. It doesnt improve your accuracy and might even make aiming more difficult. Line of sight and projectile vector are not 1:1.

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