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'Son Of Sam' Hospitalized With Heart Condition

The notorious serial killer known as the 'Son of Sam' has been hospitalized with a heart condition. A similar circumstance occurred recently when Charles Manson was hospitalized and died soon after.

Reports from state officials revealed David Berkowitz was transferred from a state prison where he was serving a life sentence to a hospital in Ulster County. The state Department of Corrections and Community Supervision said, "Inmate Berkowitz has been transferred to an outside hospital and remains in the custody of the Shawangunk Correctional Facility."

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The 64-year-old is slated for emergency heart surgery at an Albany hospital but officials did not reveal his specific medical condition. Berkowitz terrorized New York City in the 1970's when he went on a killing spree leaving six people dead, one paralyzed and another blinded.

On Aug. 10, 1977, Berkowitz was arrested for killing six people and maiming several others. In total, the 'Son of Sam' shot 13 people with a .44 caliber Bulldog revolver leading to a massive manhunt for Berkowitz.

The massive amount of coverage of the case by the media resulted in a somewhat celebrity-like status for Berkowitz prompting New York State legislature to enact new legal statutes that became known as "Son of Sam laws."

The laws were enacted to prevent criminals like Berkowitz from profiting off the publicity due to the high-profile nature of the crime. Berkowitz claimed he was obeying the orders of a demon that manifests itself to him in the form of a dog.

Despite his claim, the court found him mentally competent to stand trial and he was sentenced to six consecutive life sentences.

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Anonymous No. 13905 2017-12-13 : 09:48

I was surprised to learn he was still alive. His guys criminal history was a classic example where the Death Penalty should have been applied.

But Given the number vicious murders he performed and admitted to back in the 70's.

Why was he allowed to live?

Anonymous No. 13906 2017-12-13 : 09:50

BTW: are we wasting life saving surgery on him?

Just given him some med's and move on to Hell, where he should have been 40 years ago.

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