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Egyptian Singer Jailed By Muslim Officials For Suggestively Eating A Banana

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An Egyptian singer has been sentenced to two years in prison after filming a music video that included her suggestively eating a banana.

25-year-old Shaimaa Ahmed, known professionally as Shyma, pleaded guilty Tuesday to inciting debauchery and publishing an indecent film. The director of the video was also sentenced to two years in prison. Shyma wrote on her now-deleted Facebook page, "I didn't imagine all this would happen and that I would be subjected to such a strong attack from everyone."

The charges are similar to another case that happened last year where three female dancers were sentenced to six months in prison each after being convicted of inciting debauchery with provocative dancing in music videos.

The female form should be celebrated and dancing to music is a form of art that doesn't hurt anyone. It's hard to believe even a single person actually thinks that eating a banana caused harm to anyone or incited some kind of riot or sexual rampage.

Yet another singer is facing trial for "spreading provocative publicity" because she suggested drinking from the River Nile could make you sick. The charge occurred after a lawsuit was filed last month over a video that showed Sherine Abdel Wahab being asked at a concert to sing Mashrebtesh Men Nilah or 'Have You Drunk From The Nile?'

Wahab responded by saying "drinking from the Nile will get me schistosomiasis" which is a disease caused by a parasitic worm commonly known as bilharzia. So essentially Wahab was charged for speaking of a very real concern.

It is frightening to see the charges of "inciting debauchery" used in such a blanketing manner to suppress anything the Muslim government doesn't like.

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Anonymous No. 13896 2017-12-13 : 04:41

I think this whole world is going to hell in a hand basket.

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