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Two Black Thieves in Pennsylvania Murder a White Verizon Employee in Failed Robbery

A disgusting case of greed and gluttony coming out of Palmer Township, Pennsylvania, where two savage criminals murdered an innocent man in an effort to line their pockets with wealth that didn't belong to them.

25-year-old Michael Davis was a good man, who went to work every day at his Verizon management job to pay his bills, pay his taxes, and provide for his family.

That would all be cut short when two savages decided they were going to attempt to kidnap the manager and force him back to the store he worked at in order to loot the premises of valuable electronics.

According to police the two primitive killers, 27-year-old Vaughn Felix, and 27-year-old Gregory Lewis decided that they'd follow Michael Davis home from his job at the Verizon store in Forks Township, outside Northampton County, to his home on Eldridge Drive in Palmer Township.

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District Attorney John Morganelli says that the criminal duo waited outside Davis’ home to abduct him, and when he resisted their attempts they opened fire on the innocent man.

Davis was shot in the face and died a short time later at Easton Hospital, unfortunately having his entire future ended at the hands of these monsters.

A family member of Michael Davis said, “He was a happy, intelligent, hard-working, dependable young man who had a great devotion to his family, his faith, and his friends.”

“They were sophisticated enough to observe the stores, check them out, the kind of security they may have, not have,” said Assistant District Attorney Patricia Mulqueen.

Detectives say that they were monitoring both men for a prolonged period of time using cell phone tracking technology to place them at the scene of several crimes in the area.

A neighbor of Michael Davis spoke to<a href=""> WMFZ 69 News</a> just after Michael Davis was murdered, and says that he had seen the suspects lurking in the neighborhood for awhile prior to the killing.

“I was watching football, happened to look out and see two guys dressed in black go behind the house here,” said the neighbor.

Both Felix and Lewis are now also charged in another abduction, of a second Verizon store employee, just a single day after Davis was killed.

According to Detectives in thy case, the man was forced into his own car and later assaulted, but he was able to escape and knock on a neighbor's door for help.

The investigation and inevitable arrests were the culmination of an ongoing joint task force investigation involving authorities from Easton to Allentown, to the Slate Belt Regional Police Department.

Arrests were made after ballistic test results on a firearm which was later found inside the Wilson's Township home of Vaughn Felix tied him to the homicide.

“We were able to find Vaughn Felix's handgun. When that gun was analyzed we were able to tie it back to being the murder weapon with regard to the Michael Davis homicide,” Morganelli said.

The duo has now each been arrested in individual homicide charges which go on top of the charges that Felix and Lewis both stole well over $100,000 worth of cash and merchandise from several cell phone stores and a jewelry store in Easton.

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Lynn No. 13900 2017-12-13 : 08:27

Its a dam shame that thugs need to do those things and to people who are hard working and doing every thing right in life. and not. be lazy and be robbing and stealing things that dont belong to them.. its just a dam shame.. My hubby last week friday was walking to the store to get a few grocerys and along the way 2 Little Black kids about 12 and 13 tryed to rob him and treatened to beat his head in with there skate boards if he didnt hand over his wallet.. unreal..

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