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Anti-Trump Dems like Charles Barkley Insults Intelligence of Alabama Voters who Support Roy Moore

There's something wrong with the minds if the Democrats, and their pundits as well as the celebrities who support their dying party.

They don't have “America First” in mind, and they somehow feel as if they're “above” Americans who have traditional values or support Republicans in elections.

In Alabama, one of the deepest-red states in America, NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley took it upon himself to hit the campaign trail for Doug Jones, and simultaneously slam Alabama voters who support Judge Roy Moore in today's Senate Race.

Barkley, a once highly respected Alabama native has instead taken to the mantra of the liberal Democrat who seemingly feels like purveying stereotypes about Alabama residents that somehow depict them as “unintelligent”.

Speaking at a campaign rally for the unenthusiastic Democrat, Doug Jones, on the eve of the special election for Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ now empty Senate seat, Barkley said “there's no way possible” that Roy Moore should be leading in polls, but he is; because Alabama voters respect fighters and underdogs, something washed-up Charles Barkley seemingly has forgotten about his roots.

“When people in your own party say they won't vote for you or support you, that's a dead giveaway. It's amazing,” the Alabama native who played basketball at Auburn, told the crowd in Birmingham. “I am begging and urging everybody to get out, call all your friends. We've got to, at some point, we've got stop looking like idiots to the nation.”

Whoa. Did Charles Barkley just say that Alabama looked like idiots to the nation?

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">&quot;We&#39;ve got to stop looking like idiots to the nation.&quot; Retired basketball player Charles Barkley spoke at an event for Alabama Democrat Doug Jones where he urged voters not to vote for Republican candidate Roy Moore <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; CNN (@CNN) <a href="">December 12, 2017</a></blockquote>

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Hey Charles, I hate to remind you, but you would be <i>NOTHING</i> without the good people of Alabama supporting you through the years, as you climbed through the ranks of success and stardom.

Now you're out here biting the hand that feeds you? What's with these athletes who feel like they don't have to honor the people who helped support them to get to where they are?

First and foremost, you're wrong Barkley, half of this beautiful country and over two thirds if the glorious state of Alabama supports the good Judge Roy Moore, and you're going to see that today, on election day, in Alabama.

Second, there are parts of Alabama that destroy 90% of the nation in terms of education, including that of<a href=""> Huntsville </a>which is ranked in the top twenty-five in the nation in terms of doctorates, as the PhD numbers soar.

Alabama has some of the most prestigious and glorified Universities in America, with advanced degrees in numerous fields and those graduates who hold some of the highest positions all across these United States of America.

At 25th, Huntsville leads Alabama in the national ranking of most educated cities; Birmingham at 78th, and my very own Mobile at 113th.

Then, to make matters worse, the Hall of Famer said that Roy Moore’s supporters in Alabama were, “brainwashed.

For you to come here, Charles Barkley, with your millions of dollars (extremely uneducated, just listening to you speak proves this) and forget that you made your money throwing a basketball into a hoop, while insulting the good people and the Christians of Alabama, well Charles, go fuck yourself.

“All you have to do is talk about God and say you don’t like homosexuals, and abortion,” he said. “People are calling me saying, ‘Really Charles? Really?’ I’m embarrassed by it.”

We're embarrassed by you Charles, make no mistake.

It's really simple. Don't you ever come down to our paradise, and slap us in the face again, you maggot, you parasitic waste of human existence, you sell-out scumbag.

This is Alabama, and we don't appreciate your ungrateful, gargantuan lack of morals; trashing us on our home turf.

No sir, you will no longer ever get an inch of respect from me, and most of Alabama after this.

Disgusting, immoral, and outright reprehensible behavior such as yours Charles, is why Alabama, and the majority of red-America will never embrace the Democratic Party.

Outright sad.

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