By: Kyle James | 12-12-2017 | News
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Dominos Delivery Driver On Life Support After Shooting Ambush

Three have been charged after a shooting ambush targeting a Dominos delivery driver went bad leaving the driver on life support. The ambush occurred at the campus of East Stroudsburg University Monday morning.

Israel Berrios, 17, his girlfriend Carolina Carmona, 30, and her brother Salvador Roberts are charged with attempted murder after shooting the pizza delivery driver in the face and leaving him to die. The three are all accused of planning the robbery on Normal Street and East Stroudsburg University's campus Monday and then trying to cover it up.

The robbery took place around 1:30 a.m. Monday when Carmona called Dominos with a fake order. The victim is Richard Labar, 58, who showed up to the address on East Stroudsburg's campus. When Labar arrived with the pizza, Berrios jumped out with a shotgun and demanded money.

When Labar did not hand over any money, Berrios shot him in the face. Local media WNEP interviewed a nearby neighbour who said, "I see Dominos come through here all the time, almost on a daily basis, and then I heard that. It just shocked me."

ESU student Alyssa Haraschak said, "That's crazy. I can't imagine anyone being shot for just doing their job. It definitely seems like a set up to me. It's kind of scary because recently there was some girl who got grabbed, too, on the same street, and I park my car up there, so like coming home and when it's dark, I always have my pepper spray out," said Haraschak.

Salvador Roberts helped the other two get to and from the scene of the crime. State police collected evidence from the apartment where Carmona and Berrios live in the Normal Street Housing Development.

Neighbours Justine Cramer said, "They carried a gun out and two big bags of something. I don't know. That's what everybody saw though." Cramer also pointed out that Carmona had stolen $2,000 worth of DVD's from her and there was an ongoing police investigation.

All three suspects are being held without bail in Monroe County jail.

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