By: Earnest Jones | 02-16-2017 | News

GOP Demands Investigations On Who Leaked The Phone Calls Between Flynn And Ambassador Kislyak

The illegal leaks that have been unveiled by the federal government since President Trump took office are alarming Republicans in Congress. As a result, they’ve demanded investigations into the illegal leaks.

The FBI is set to be formally asked to investigate the leaks by the House Intelligence Committee Chairman David Nunes, who is drafting the letter to the agency. Nunes also intends to ask for an examination of who leaked the phone call between former National Security Advisor Flynn and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

Nunes made a statement on Tuesday emphasizing that he expects the FBI to tell him what’s going, adding that the big problem he sees is the recording and leaking of an American citizen’s phone call.

There are very strict rules that are set by the government regarding the monitoring of American calls to foreigners.

Nunes also pointed out that very few people in government are in a position to procure the leaks since the call details are erased unless there’s a court order. Implying that somebody decided to keep recording the phone calls and then later n he unmask it to the press

A probe is set to be launched by the Senate Intelligence Committee with the intention of looking into the leaked phone calls between Flynn and the Russians and also look into whether the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Service) court had allowed the phone calls to be recorded.

Sen. Roy Blunt also made a statement saying that he thinks there’s a number of unanswered questions that ought to be answered concerning the documents on whether there was a FISA order that was involved.

A part from Flynn’s leaks, numerous transcripts of Trump’s phone calls with various world leaders surfaced after being leaked. The phone calls were between President Trump and Australian Prime Minister Turnbull and Mexican President Nieto.

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