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Venezuela Bans CNN for Spreading Fake News

Venezuela has had enough of CNN and its fake news reports after the broadcasting company was banned from the country by President Nicolas Maduro. The Venezuelan government recently suspended CNN in Spanish after Maduro accused it of spreading propaganda to meddle with matters related to the country.

Maduro’s anger towards CNN escalated earlier this week after the news arm of the company in Venezuela reported on a story about the complaints of a student on national television. After the student called on the president and the government to make significant improvements for the benefit of the entire school, CNN took on the story. It then reported that Maduro did not implement solid action to address the student’s complaints, according to Zero Hedge.

But, as noted by the president, the matter should be addressed publicly first before appropriate solutions can be implemented. He then lashed out at CNN for making it seem as if he ignored the issues raised by the student. He also accused the news network of manipulating the information it has gathered from the story.

Then, a few days later, CNN released a report about how the Venezuelan embassy in Iran allegedly issued passports and visas to individuals with links to terrorist groups. After government officials disputed the details presented in the report during a news conference, Venezuela’s National Telecommunications Commission enforced an administrative sanction on CNN in the country.

As Maduro noted, he wants CNN to leave the country due to its continuous efforts in spreading fake news regarding national concerns and security.

The situation of CNN in Venezuela is not that far from its U.S. counterpart. For years, the news network has been constantly delivering fabricated or exaggerated news stories just to attract more readers and viewers. If CNN continues to produce fake news, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if the U.S. government takes appropriate action by imposing sanctions on the network.

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