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A horrifying story coming out of Lexington, Kentucky where family members of a now-deceased cancer patient were forced to dig their own loved one's grave.

33-year-old Krystina Gilbert just recently passed away after a long battle with brain cancer in which she finally lost, according to her family.

They wanted to have her buried at the same cemetery where the majority of their loved ones are laid to rest, at the Athens-Boones Creek Cemetery located at 6291 Athens Boonesboro Road, in Lexington.

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They purchased the plot, had the funeral arrangements set up, and carried out services of remembrance for Krystina as they all grieved for her loss.

However, to their shock, once they arrived to the cemetery to bury Gilbert, the grave wasn't even completely dug up yet.

The family was furious, saying that tools were still beside the grave as were empty beer bottles laying beside where they would lay her to rest, according to<a href=""> NBC 4</a>.

That's when Kystina’s now widowed husband, and her family, grabbed shovels and began digging her grave themselves.

“I mean, so many emotions are going through me. I wanted to cry one minute. I didn’t know how to act,” Paul Gilbert, Krystina's husband, said while in tears.

Krystina’s sister, Heidi Lawson, said that it’s already hard enough to have to bury a sibling, and this failure made it even worse.

“It was terrible to sit and watch your sister’s coffin sitting there and your family burying her,” she said. “It’s not right.”

The Cemetery now claims they're hiring a new attendant, and they're also willing to refund the family for the plot, but the damage is already done.

What a horrible story, and a disturbing one at best, as no family who has lost a loved one would ever have to experience this.

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Who wants to bet the color of the diggers?

Master Bradford No. 13763 1512978658

I’ll go a step further and bet $20 the empty beer bottles were Hennessy

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