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Riker Island Prison Guards Accidentally Release Dangerous Pedophile

A shocking case of both gross negligence and extreme incompetence coming out of New York, where two Rikers Island prison guards accidentally released a dangerous pedophile.

The 53-year-old Staten Island pedophile, James Alvarez, is facing charges for multiple crimes including sexually assaulting a 6 and 7-year-old relative, a separate case where he performed sex acts on a 9-year-old, and also a grand larceny charge.

Alvarez had an appearance in Criminal Court on Monday for his sex assault case and was taken back to Rikers Island after his court hearing before prison staff accidentally released him at around midnight.

Once the mistake was realized, the NYPD Task Force was notified and they were able to capture Alvarez surprisingly enough within just eighteen hours of the mishap.

The New York Corrections Department doesn't consider this a laughing matter, however, and has since suspended the two Prison Guards responsible for this erroneous failure.

He is now due back in court January 16th, and is currently being held on bail of $150,000 bond/$100,000 cash.

For the sexual abuses of the children, he's facing charges of two counts of a criminal sex act, sexual abuse, forcible touching, and endangering the welfare of a child.

The initial child sex investigation began in May, when at least one of the children came forward.

At the time he was accused of forcing the younger child into giving him oral and penetrating the child with anal sex, and the older child was forced into anal sex before the May arrest.

A relative said that Alvarez has threatened both kids he would kill them unless they kept their mouths shut about the alleged sex assaults that occurred in early 2016.

He was finally arrested this past summer after authorities say that he was collecting unemployment benefits while simultaneously receiving a steady paycheck, that led to the additional charges while he was behind bars of the sexual assaults when the children came forward no longer afraid because he was incarcerated.

“I lost my mind when I found out,” a relative of the defendant told the<a href=""> Daily News</a>. “We were scared. What if he decides to return?”

“He’s a monster,” said Alvarez’s wife, who is in the midst of divorcing the accused child molester. “I want him to rot in jail.”

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Anonymous No. 13774 2017-12-11 : 10:41

I wonder how much he "accidentally" got paid to do it.

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