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Child Murderer Hannah Bosner to get Taxpayer Funded Sex Change in Prison

Some of you will remember the case of Hannah Bosner, from early in 2012.

For those who don't however, Hannah Bosner stabbed a 13-year-old schoolgirl, Casey Kearney, to death while she was walking to a children's sleepover party on Valentine's Day several years ago, a case that made media headlines.

Now Hannah Bosner is imprisoned at HMP Low Newton in County Durham, where she's serving a life sentence for the atrocious murder of the innocent child.

As if this doesn't further underscore the insanity of how taxpayers are forced to pay to house and feed these vicious murderers such as Bosner, reports now claim that she is living her life as a man inside of the prison.

Sure, some will probably say, “Why should I care?”

There's multiple reasons, however, including that Hannah Bosner, who now identifies by the name “Adam Bosner”, is pushing for a sex change operation that the taxpayer-funded prison facility will be forced to pay the costs of.

That's right world, the demented and sadistic nature of a murderer who's sentenced behind bars for life for killing a child, is allowed to screw over society once again by demanding a sex-change; and the law-abiding, tax-paying people are forced to pay for it.

A former prison guard said that that the 31-year-old murderer is barking these demands from behind bars and that the law of the land protects its right to have the sex change, according to<a href=""> The Sun</a>.

As if that's not enough, during the child killer's time in prison it has received fan mail from a self-proclaimed “Satanist” that wants to marry it because it believes that Bosner sacrificed the child in the name of Satan, according to another prison source who spoke to the<a href=""> Daily Star </a>several years ago.

“Notorious killers always attract letters from people who are excited at the thought of corresponding with a murderer. She’s had quite a few letters from people with an­ interest in pagan religions and the devil and all that black magic nonsense. One even offered marriage, which is not uncommon,” said the individual. “They want to get under her skin and look deep into her soul to find out about the dark forces that drove her to kill.”

While Bosner is required to serve a minimum of 22 years for the murder, other inmates are extremely angry at the way the facility has allowed Bosner to continue to parade as a man even before the sex change has occurred.

Many of the guards say they're being forced to act in a social justice warrior mantra, now saying ‘ladies and gentleman’ instead of just ‘ladies’ when addressing the prisoners.

The fact that this is occurring, inside of a prison, and it's being granted as a privilege to a child killer, is what has most furious.

It's this kind of politically correct safe space narrative, that's went above and beyond normal at this point.

Bosner murdered an innocent child. Let us not forget this. The sick freak should be tortured and executed and instead is being pandered and catered to like a royal prince.

It has to stop.

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John-Michael Mahnke No. 13745 2017-12-10 : 20:22

People sure know how to mess up their lives by this

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