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A 15-year-old boy in Gaur City-II in Greater Noida, India, was arrested for the murder of his mother and sister. The boy had gotten upset when his mother repeatedly scolded him for not paying attention to his studies and playing games on his mobile phone instead.

The events took place on Friday evening. His mother had gotten a look at his latest report card and was unhappy about it. She took his cell phone away and repeatedly hit him. She then said he should be studying the whole weekend. As he studied on a nearby table, the rest of the family had takeaway pizza and watched TV. Still studying he waited till his mother and sister had gone to sleep and then took a cricket bat. With that, he bashed in his mother’s skull and then proceeded to use the pizza cutter to kill her. Afterwards, he killed his sister as well as she was woken by the noise.

The teenager’s father was away on a business trip.

Troubled, the teen didn’t know what to do and ran way. He took a taxi to Delhi train station in ten boarded a train heading to Ludhiana. In the end, he did call his father but was only sobbing and didn’t say a word.

When the police informed his father of what had happened, they were able to find him hiding with relatives some 300km further inland.

The investigating police officer said: "He told us his parents gave more love and care to his sister than him. He also said he had once planned to commit suicide by jumping off their flat's balcony."

The boy's father said every family tries to discipline children for their own good: "I don't know what led to this. He had not shown any such behaviour in the past."


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Anonymous No. 13736 1512931021

You can do that with a pizza cutter?

Anonymous No. 13754 1512962852

So he bashed her head in before he did the crime

Anonymous No. 13759 1512965872

Mother hitting her son is never okay, let the father do the disciplining, or at least a male. Taking the phone away AND not giving him pizza is probably what put him over the edge. Bitch brought it on herself.

Anonymous No. 13775 1512989029

Some kids are just born mental, some are raised to be mental.

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